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Tactless in the Face of Danger

Tactless in the Face of Danger

Impress your friends, torment your enemies, be the first kid on your block to own the first Gary and Ted collection. This book contains hand picked strips from the first two and a half years of assorted hi jinks.

Also Available: Artist Edition includes an original, fully inked sketch by James Zintel. Keen.

Regular Edition: $9.99 + S.H.

Artist Edition: $14.99 + S.H.

Gary and Ted Sampler

Gary and Ted Sampler Two Pack

Originally available at various comic convention appearances now available to everyone at a new low price.

Gary & Ted Sampler Two Pack: $1.99 + S.H.

Society Tastes Funny

Gary and Ted: Society Tastes Funny

The first ever Gary and Ted collection containing the first year of strips. Limited quantities. Once they're gone, they're gone. No more printings will be done.

Society Tastes Funny: $4.99 + S.H.

Tactless in the Face of Danger

Fireball #1-3

Get all three issues of Fireball at a new, low, low price. Witness the birth of a hero as Jim Blake starts his journey on the the road to heroism as Fireball, the Burning Sensation!

Fireball Bundle: $3.99 + S.H.